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July 13, 2024

Allen Steadings

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How To Improve Your Electric Motorcycle’s Range By 30{a5ecc776959f091c949c169bc862f9277bcf9d85da7cccd96cab34960af80885} Or More


Electric motorcycles are great, but they can be limited by the range of their batteries and how much weight they can carry. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you improve your bike’s range, so you can enjoy more miles between charging stations!

Get A Larger Battery

Your bike’s battery is the heart of your electric motorcycle. It stores the power to make your bike run, and it’s also expensive–but it’s one of the most important parts of your bike.

If you want to get better range from your battery, there are several things that can be done:

  • Replace it with a larger one
  • Buy an aftermarket “booster” pack that attaches directly to the existing pack (or even replace just part of it)
  • Upgrade charging equipment so that you can charge faster

Improve The Aerodynamics

Improving the aerodynamics of your electric motorcycle is one of the best ways to increase range.

  • Reduce drag by reducing frontal area and air friction. The larger the frontal area, the more air resistance you’ll experience. You can do this by shaving off any protrusions on the bodywork that aren’t necessary for aerodynamics or safety (like mirrors). You can also lower overall drag by lowering your seat height and using smaller wheels with less sidewall than stock tires have; doing so will reduce turbulence behind your motorcycle as well as make it easier to handle at high speeds.
  • Increase speed through higher-powered motors and better gearing ratios in transmissions/differentials; this also reduces energy losses due to friction between gears because they’ll be moving faster than before!

Take Advantage of Regenerative Braking

Did you know that regenerative braking can improve your electric motorcycle’s range by 30{a5ecc776959f091c949c169bc862f9277bcf9d85da7cccd96cab34960af80885} or more? And it doesn’t cost a penny to implement.

Let me explain: when you brake on an electric motorcycle, the kinetic energy of your bike is converted into electricity that can be stored in a battery pack and used later. This is called regenerative braking (or regen for short). It’s kind of like having an extra battery pack on board–but without having to carry around another heavy thing!

Lose Some Weight

  • Lose some weight by removing unnecessary items
  • Lose some weight by using lighter materials
  • Lose some weight by using a smaller battery
  • Lose some weight by using a smaller motor (the most effective way to do this is to go with a hub motor instead of a mid-drive)
  • Lose some weight by using a smaller wheel (this will make your bike much more nimble)

If you are interested in losing more than 30{a5ecc776959f091c949c169bc862f9277bcf9d85da7cccd96cab34960af80885} of the total mass of your motorcycle, then there are other things that can be done:

  • Change from steel rims and spokes to aluminum or carbon fiber rims/spokes. This will reduce unsprung mass significantly and improve acceleration performance. * Switching from air suspension to coil spring suspension will also reduce unsprung mass significantly while improving ride quality at higher speeds.

The more you know about how to improve your electric motorcycle’s range, the better your bike will be.

You want to know how to improve your electric motorcycle’s range.

The more you know about how to improve your electric motorcycle’s range, the better your bike will be.

Range is the distance you can travel on a single charge. It’s one of the most important aspects of an electric motorcycle and there are many ways to increase it: getting a larger battery, improving aerodynamics and even using different tires can all help increase your range by as much as 30{a5ecc776959f091c949c169bc862f9277bcf9d85da7cccd96cab34960af80885} or more!


The more you know about how to improve your electric motorcycle’s range, the better your bike will be. It’s important to remember that these are just some of the many ways that you can increase your bike’s battery life and get more miles out of each charge. Keep in mind that every rider has different needs when it comes to range, so don’t hesitate when it comes time for upgrades!