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July 15, 2024

Allen Steadings

Next Generation Car Systems

How To Figure Out Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Cost


Driving a car is a necessary evil. Most of us have to drive in order to get to work, school, or other important places. But as much as we love our cars and trucks, they can be expensive—in more ways than one! If you’d like to know just how much each trip in your vehicle costs you in terms of gas money (and what kind of impact that has on your wallet), all you need are three simple numbers: the mileage your car gets per gallon of gas, the cost per gallon at the pump for fuel where you live, and how many miles per gallon (MPG) your vehicle gets on average. Once you have those three factors down pat, calculating exactly how much it’ll cost for any given trip is pretty straightforward math. Don’t worry if mathematics isn’t your strong suit; by breaking down what goes into calculating MPG into easy steps below we’re going take some of that mystery out of figuring out exactly how much gas costs today!

1. Determine the mileage your car gets.

The first step to figuring out your car’s fuel efficiency is finding out how many miles it gets per gallon (MPG). You can find this information on your vehicle’s window sticker, or you can look up the average MPG for your model online. If you don’t know what to look for, use the following examples:

  • For most cars, it will be listed as “city” or “highway”. The city number is what we’re interested in because it represents how far you’ll go on one tank of gas if all of your driving is done within city limits.
  • If there are two numbers separated by / (such as 30/45), then they represent different types of driving conditions–one high speed and one low speed–and should both be included in our calculations later on!

2. Find out how much your car costs to fill up.

You can find out how much your car costs to fill up by looking at the sticker on the inside of the fuel door, which will tell you how many gallons of gas it takes to fill up and what that costs. For example, if your vehicle takes 15 gallons and each gallon costs $3.50, then filling up would cost $52.50 (15 x 3.5).

The price per mile is another way to measure efficiency: Divide the total miles driven by the number of gallons used in those miles (in this example: 300/15 = 20). Then multiply that number by 30 cents per gallon ($0.03) to get an estimate of how much each mile costs in fuel alone–or 50 cents if there’s also maintenance involved!

3. Figure out how much you pay per mile of gas.

Now that you know your car’s fuel efficiency, it’s time to figure out how much money you spend per mile of gas.

This information is useful in two ways: firstly, it will help determine whether or not your car is worth its price tag; and secondly, if you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle, it will help inform your decision-making process by showing how much each model costs per mile driven.

By determining these three numbers, you can figure out how much it costs to drive a certain distance in your car for a set price of gas

The first step in figuring out how much it costs to drive a certain distance in your car for a set price of gas is determining your car’s fuel efficiency. To do this, you will need the following information:

  • The miles per gallon (MPG) rating of your vehicle
  • The number of gallons used during each fill-up

The second step is to find out how much your vehicle costs to fill up with gasoline. You can find this out either by looking at the sticker on the inside door panel or by using an app like GasBuddy


So, how much does it cost to drive a mile in your car? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. But with the information above and a little math, you can figure out your own numbers and see how they compare to others’.